Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner y’all and you know what that means! Time to start thinking and making costumes. I waited to the last minute to make the girls’ costumes last year, and wanted to try and not do it this year. I already know what they are going to be and have all the materials to make it. In fact, I had halfway finished one, but the armholes were too small Alice couldn’t even fit her hand through. Oops. But here is me praying to the crafting Gods that I get this years done in a timely manner!

Until I get them done and post an kick ass DIY- I thought I would post some of my favorite Doable DIY costume ideas (that wouldn’t take half a year to finish)!


This is one so freaking precious I can’t even take it. I mean could you imagine my two little munchkins running around in this costume on Halloween night? It kills me. You will, however, NOT see me in the adult costume. Nope. Here is the tutorial, which is pretty awesome, she even tells you were to get the materials. So, Basically all you have to do is sew it. Easy peasy, right?


This costume is ALL over Pinterest and I feel like it has been for a few years. I think because of this, I cannot find the original link anywhere. So, you know who created this bad ass kid costume, let me know and I’ll give them credit. I mean, this would be the easiest costume ever. Especially easy if you have a hipster baby (i.e. glasses, cardigan, corduroys…)


Because it is Princess Leia! She has a tutorial here, but I don’t think you really need it. All you would need is an old white Baptism dress and make a hat with coils on the sides. DONE. Best nerd costume for a girl achieved!


You know I just had to include a pretty sweet twin costume in here.  Alice was destined by name to be Alice in Wonderland for Halloween sometime, and there will be a day when I make it come true (Preferably before she gets an opinion and wants to be some stupid pop star for Halloween).  I love this Alice in Wonderland costume because it’s not super costume-y and you can tell that the materials are the cheap polyester shit you find at Target (It serious pains me to touch that stuff).

I hope you have some great ideas for Halloween up your sleeve! I’ll be sure to post a tutorial of the girls’ costume after Halloween so everyone can have as awesome costume as us next year. I will also leave you with Alice and Cora’s costume from last year. Though I threw them together last minute, I must say that are preeeeeettttyy cute.


So much Cubby Goodness. In case you couldn’t tell, Cora is a lady bug and Alice is a bumble bee. I ended up taking off the “antennas” after an hour because they were leaving a mark. But people still got the idea.


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